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Why choose Gateway Services as outsourcing company in Nepal?

Gateway Services and Technology Pvt Ltd is Nepal’s premier, Outsourcing, Direct Marketing, Consulting, and Representation Company. Therefore, the company offers a unique approach in managing non-core business activities through Outsource Solutions, Direct Marketing of products and services. As well as representing and supporting an international organization that seeks business interests in Nepal. In addition, the portfolio includes Outsourcing services to organizations in multiple industries such as insurance, banking, financial services, INGO’s, schools, telecom, transportation and travel, hotels to name a few.

Outsourcing Company in Nepal Further, Gateway Services can be regarded as a complete business process outsourcing company in Nepal, so that you can fully devote to your core business growth. Our Human Resource Consulting and Outsourcing service are providing successful support to Nepalese business enterprises. Our HR services offer a total solution for some of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today. As a leading Human Resources Outsourcing service provider for national or international organizations, we have learned that there are no similar approaches when it comes to resolving workplace concerns. Hence, we take a special interest in assuring each client’s success which gives us a credit of best outsourcing company in Nepal.

Gateway Services leverages its highly qualified and experienced professionals and its extensive network of contacts within the Nepali Business and Government Community to address clients’ present challenges and prepare them to move ahead to effectively address future requirements.J&T will be your reliable outsourcing partner to help you get the job done. With constant support and proven track records makes Gateway Services as the best outsourcing company in Nepal.